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Accelerator Programs


Build is a 3-6 month program and helps your startup go from “Idea to Product”.

Ideal for the founders who just started their journey and would like to start the company, validate the idea, conduct user study, better understand the problem space, and build the product.

In this program, we help you to answer questions like…
-As a founder, do I understand the problem space deep enough?
-How should I validate my idea? Who are my users?
-Should I prototype with UX mockups or build a product?
-How can I get beta customers for my product?
-Is there a product market fit? How do I know?


Ignite is a 3-6 month program and helps you to “Optimize your Startup”.

Ideal for the founders who want to solve a specific challenge that they are dealing with. Typically the company has a product and may have matured teams. However, would like to have an expert team to help with specific situations.

In this program, we help you to solve challenges like …
-The product is launched but does not have a strong roadmap
-Sales team does not understand the product and always wants “one more” feature
-We are able to sell and have a constant pipeline but the cost of service is too high
-We did best to improve the product messaging but prospects are not able to understand
-We spent a lot of time on UX Design but the development team is not able to build


Disrupt is a 1 year or more program and helps you to “Scale your Product and Grow”.

Ideal for the founders who would like to have a complementing team for their Innovation Strategy, Product Strategy, AI/ML Strategy, Pricing Analysis, and Technology Strategy.

In this program, we help you to identify and solve challenges like …
-Building a long term strategy and roadmap for the product
-Help build collaterals and sales material for the teams
-Right time to introduce the board of advisors and Product team
-Segmenting the users and providing the right pricing levels
-Building the pitch decks that gets you call from VCs and funding