Roles & Organization

In the recent years, it’s becoming extremely stressful for the organizations and product leaders to understand and define the product management roles. Some of the questions that product leaders think about as they scale the product or expand the product teams are:

  • Should I hire for short-term win or long-term journey?

  • Should I hire a strategic leader or execution expert?

  • Should I hire a domain expert or a product management expert?

  • Should my PM hire be internal execution focused or external focused?

  • Should I hire a pricing expert or train existing product manager?

  • Should I hire a technical product manager? If so, what does that mean?

  • Do I need a product designer or a product manager?

  • Should UX team be under the engineering organization or product organization?

  • Is Product Owner a right fit in my org or should I hire a product manager?

No matter what is the size of your organization or how mature the product is, it is critical to build, maintain a great product organization for the overall success.

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We are here to review, observe and optimize the product management organization with the right roles and responsibilities.

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