SaaSsy Startup Showcase

Applications Open

22nd August 2022

Last Day To Apply

26th September 2022

SaaSsy Showcase

7th October 2022

Industry Focus

Digital Health

EdTech & HRTech

Productivity and Collaboration.


Online Pitch via Zoom

3 Minutes Per Pitch

10 Minutes of Q&A


Why Should You Apply To The SaaSsy Pitch You Ask?

Through the SaaSsy Startup Showcase, stand a chance to not only win cash prizes but also gain access to an exclusive network of Founders, VCs, Mentors and much more…


In Cash Prizes


Worth Of Partner Perks in Cloud Credits, Marketing Platforms & More

10+ Hours

Of Mentoring From Product10x Leadership (For Select Startups Only)

VC Connects

Valuable Inputs & Idea Validation From The Judging Panel Comprised of VCs, Founders & Advisors


Product10x To Consider Selected Startups For Their Accelerator Program


Through Product10x Platforms & Networks

Who Can Apply?

  • Must have a SaaS business model

  • Focussed on Digital Health, Education Tech, HR Tech, or Productivity & Collaboration

  • Should be post-product ready to sell or already selling (No idea-stage startups)

  • Funding no greater than $1 million

We Are Here To Help You

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply to compete at SaaSTown Pitch Day?

The applications for the SaaSsy Startup Showcase are now closed. If you wish to know more about Product10x, please visit our website.

Industry veterans and VCs will ask the right questions to understand the opportunity, product, and GTM. They will pick startups in the below 1-4 categories. Participants have the opportunity to vote for the 5th category.

  1. SaaSsy Startup: $3,000 + $28,000 (P10x Partner Perks) + 3 hours of 1-1 mentorship from Product10x.
  2. AI/ML Innovator: $2,000 + $28,000 (P10x Partner Perks) + 2 hours of 1-1 mentorship from Product10x.
  3. Industry Disruptor: $1,000 + $28,000 (P10x Partner Perks) + 1 hour 1-1 founder advisory from Product10x.
  4. Best B2B Startup: P10x Partner Perks + 2 hour 1-1 mentorship from Product10x.
  5. People’s Choice: P10x Partner Perks + 2 hour 1-1 mentorship from Product10x.

Be creative. We assume that you know the industry the best but make sure to cover the below areas.

  1. What industry problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Who are the users and how are you reaching them now?
  3. What is your secret sauce to differentiate?
  4. Why is your team the best to solve this problem?
  5. How do you plan to monetize your product/service?

Startups who are accepted into the competition will be given access to separate Zoom sessions for a keynote, and an individual pitch room.

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