EduTech : Up-skilling and Learning Product


Customer Situation :

The company’s mission is to re-energize existing educational materials and create new learning experiences that expand educational opportunities and career placement. The company brought in considerable education content from multiple universities and colleges. However, the company is looking to monetize what they had.

Solution Approach:

We did a competitive analysis of similar companies in the market and realized the importance of the partners and various distribution channels. Worked with founders on the pricing strategy for the in-house, partner and customer content and licensed content.

End Result :

  • iconCreated operational plan within 60 days to host and distribute content via an LMS system.
  • iconExperimented the value-based SaaS pricing for B2B customers. Helped keep marketing efforts focused on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.
  • iconProvided highly valuable insights on the industry trends and high demand skills such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data, User Experience and Agile Development methodologies.