Startup Co-creator Programs



Accelerate is a 3 month program and helps you to “Optimize your Startup”.

Ideal for the founders who want to solve a specific challenge that they are dealing with. Typically the company has a product market fit and may have matured teams. However, would like to have an expert team to help with specific situations.

Program Outcomes
  • Optimize product strategy with refined roadmap plans
  • Align and scale product and GTM model, potential M&A strategy
  • Improve pricing strategy to differentiate from the competition
You can choose one or more areas to focus on for a period of 3-6 months.


Scale is a 1 year or more program and helps you to “Scale your Product and Grow”.

Ideal for the founders who would like to have a complementing team for their Innovation Strategy, Product Strategy, AI/ML Strategy, Pricing Analysis, and Technology Strategy.

Program Outcomes
  • Scale out business model and maximize product market fit.
  • Iterate minimum winnable product cycles with product market fit strategy.
  • Acquire customers with startup growth and scale strategy with powerful access to market.

In this program, we help you to identify and solve challenges like …

  • Building a long term strategy and roadmap for the product
  • Help build collaterals and sales material for the teams
  • Right time to introduce the board of advisors and Product team
  • Segmenting the users and providing the right pricing levels
  • Building the pitch decks that get you attention from VCs
You can choose one or more areas as add-ons to help you in the scale journey.