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Your Startup Legal Partner

As a SaaS startup, you have unique legal needs and challenges.  At Product10X, we understand that, in addition to technology, product development, sales, and fundraising, it is crucial to be able to navigate the intricate legal landscape to protect your business.  That is why we have partnered with legal practitioners to provide you with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and assist you in avoiding potential legal difficulties, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

Legal Considerations for Early-Stage Startups


Start Off Right

  • Identify the right entity-type and jurisdiction for you
  • File Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation
  • Draft Operating Agreement or Company Bylaws, as applicable
  • Prepare and file Form SS-4 Application for Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Appoint company officers and directors and prepare resolution transferring control from incorporator to the board
  • Assist with opening a bank account


Secure Your Startup

  • All items listed in Essentials
  • Prepare Founders’ Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements (with standard vesting terms)
  • Issue stock certificates and receipts in connection with the same
  • Prepare IRS 83(b) Election Forms for founders
  • Draft Indemnification Agreement for Company directors and officers
  • Prepare IP Assignment agreement for founders


Accelerate Your Growth

  • All items listed in Advanced
  • Create Equity Incentive Plan and Stock Options for key contributors
  • Cap Table Management to track equity
  • Prepare unilateral or mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Draft form employee, independent contractor, and advisor agreements
  • Prepare vendor contracts, partnership agreements and MSAs

Optional Add-ons

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement
  2. Website Terms of Service
  3. Website Privacy Policy
  4. Trademark, Patent, and other Proprietary Registrations
  5. SAFE notes, convertible notes, and other fund-raising instruments
  6. Legal support and due diligence for potential partnerships, mergers, and/or acquisitions


Why do startups need legal counsel?

  • Formation: Startups need legal help to properly form their company and select the right legal structure (e.g. LLC, C-Corp, etc.). Legal professionals can help founders navigate the legal requirements for forming a company, including filing the appropriate paperwork with the state

  • Contracts: Startups often need to negotiate and draft contracts with customers, partners, and vendors. Legal counsel can help startups ensure that their contracts are legally binding and protect their interests.

  • Intellectual property: Startups often have unique and valuable intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Legal counsel can help startups protect their intellectual property and prevent others from infringing on their rights.

  • Compliance: Startups must comply with a variety of laws and regulations, including labor laws, tax laws, and industry-specific regulations. Legal counsel can help startups navigate these complex legal requirements and ensure they are in compliance.

  • Fundraising: Startups often need to raise capital from investors, which involves complying with securities laws and regulations. Legal counsel can help startups navigate the fundraising process and ensure they are in compliance with all legal requirements.

Startups need legal counsel to protect their interests, navigate complex legal requirements, and ensure they are set up for success.

Why should you work with Product10x's legal counsel?

  • Specialization in startup legal services: Product10x is focused on helping startups, which means our legal team has a deep understanding of the legal challenges that startups face. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help founders make informed decisions and avoid costly legal mistakes.

  • Proactive approach to legal issues: Product10x's legal team takes a proactive approach to legal issues. We identify potential legal problems before they become bigger issues and advise startups on the best course of action to mitigate risk.

  • Long-term partnership: Product10x works with startups for the long-term, which means we have a vested interest in helping our clients succeed. We build lasting relationships with our clients and are always available to provide guidance and support whenever needed.

  • Customized legal advice: Product10x's legal team provides customized legal advice based on the specific needs of each startup. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, goals, and challenges, and tailor our legal advice accordingly.

  • Cost-effective solutions: Product10x understands that startups have limited budgets, which is why we provide cost-effective legal solutions that are tailored to the needs of each startup.

Working with Product10x for legal advisory services can help startups protect their business, avoid legal pitfalls, and focus on growth.

Expert legal counsel, tailor-made for startups. That's the Product10x difference.
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