Aaron Warrick

Reju | Co-founder & CEO

At Reju, we’re passionate about providing affordable, holistic mental health solutions to under-resourced communities. With 17.3 million adults suffering from a major depressive disorder in the US alone, having a personal guide to mental, physical, and emotional success is more important than ever. That’s where Product10x comes in. Their team’s expertise has been essential in our growth as a company. From investor conversations to sales tips and overall support, they’ve been integral in helping us navigate the challenges of operating a startup. We’re truly grateful to be part of the Product10x ecosystem and look forward to continuing our journey together.

Abhinav Subramaniam

Capless | Co-Founder & CEO

Capless has created a set of strategic planning tools to streamline the fundraising process for founders. Product10x’s focus on product-led growth paired with its co-creation model was essential in growing our product to market readiness. As first time founders, we had a lot to learn. The various experiences across the team provided us with the right network to gather user feedback, validate our business model, and prepare a strong go-to-market strategy. Product10x served as a true partner and sounding board from the very inception of Capless and will continue to stay on board as trusted advisors.

Amol Shinde

CXcherry | Co-founder & CEO

At CXcherry, our mission is to help companies boost customer retention, drive product adoption, and grow revenue through a purpose-built customer education platform. Working with Product10x has been an invaluable experience that allowed us to streamline our processes and focus on what truly matters for our business. The team’s unmatched expertise and support have been instrumental in our success today, providing valuable insights and guidance on everything from product development to GTM strategies. The co-creation model is the highlight of the engagement, where early-stage founders can leverage Product10x’s expertise without any boundaries. We’re grateful to be a part of this tribe and excited for what’s to come.

Amit Gaonkar

Cense.AI | Co-Founder & CEO

Cense AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses improve their results and improve customer engagement. Before Product10x, we were super focused on the technology of the product and built a lot of “cool features”. Partnering with Product10x has been very transformational for us to retrospect, validate and scale the right way. Product10x has helped us to “think differently” about the customer needs, customer engagement and has brought the right mix of expertise to take Cense AI on a product-led journey. We are extremely happy with the momentum and the opportunity for Cense AI & Product10x to co-create the way small businesses think about customer engagement and experience. Product10x team is our lean-in trusted partner to achieve our goals in this startup journey.

Colin Mansell

Skills Union | Founder & CEO

Skills Union works closely with leading universities and employers to help develop learning and development programmes. Working with the P10X team has been immensely beneficial in the development of our long-term vision and strategy, and are a true partner in our thinking and execution. We would highly recommend working with them if you get the chance!

Doria Lavagnino

CentSai | Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

SaaS technology is how we scale our content offerings. That’s why SaaS solutions are sexy to investors. They offer an efficient way to get traction and customer feedback, scale, and iterate. Product10x has played a crucial role in helping us build our go-to-market solution on a shoestring budget and product led growth philosophy. A quality I appreciate about Suresh is — with several exits under his belt — he is a prioritization ninja. It’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects and feature creep. Suresh helped us think through priorities and pivots and their pros and cons. Product10x helped us to ‘SaaSsify’ our content/core IP, generate multiple revenue channels and improve our overall company valuation.

Jogi Daita

Oxygen Ventures | Managing Partner

OV’s partnership with Product10x, a product led accelerator, goes back to the firm’s inception and is amazed at the phenomenal value and growth over the past few years. Product10x helped us with the right diligence, strategy and value creation for our portfolio and partner firms. The team’s competence and experience in driving product market fit, co-creation, and scale brought a clearer vision and clarity to our processes and strategic thinking.

Dr.Joel Kline

Allegro Learning Solutions | Managing Partner

Our platform pulls together fragmented stakeholders in workforce development. Product 10x was critical in the development of a product market fit that creates value for each of these stakeholders. The SaaS knowledge of the Product 10x team is a perfect complement to our team of educators and training specialists. We also rely on them for idea validation and due diligence for partnerships we are forming in the EdTech space. We couldn’t have achieved the success we have achieved without the guidance of Product10x.

Mike Smart

Gotomarketer | Co-founder and COO

gotomarketer.com is the purpose-built work management solution for product marketers and go-to-market professionals. Our vision is to empower GTM and launch teams to create, collaborate and disseminate the content and tools essential to go-to-market success. Product10x was a true partner in the formation of our vision and product strategy. Their deep knowledge of SaaS and enterprise software help guide our team to successful product development and launch effort. We will continue to rely on the Product10x team for market and product insights.

Padma Subramanian

Fyrii.ai | Co-founder & CEO

We are delighted with the results Fyrii.ai’s Developer Experience Platform that Product10x team helped us achieve. Their expertise in transforming our product and business strategy has been invaluable in accelerating our go-to-market motion. The Product10x team has been a true co-creator, providing hands-on support for our validations and hypothesis testing, scenario modeling, and more. They have also been instrumental in our business development and partnership strategy, helping us win initial traction and paving the way for our next growth phase. We consider them our trusted advisors and look forward to working with them as we reach our next milestone.