Are you a Product Led Growth startup?

Simply put, Product Led Growth is an organizational mindset to focus on product to ignite user growth and achieve network effects. Focus on the problem domain rather than the solution domain. Focus on user experience rather than sales experience. Focus on product execution rather than thought leadership. Focus on learning from users rather than pushing features to customers.


Being a Product Led Growth and Accelerated SaaS Startup

The cost of starting a technology startup has tremendously decreased in recent times. This means it’s very easy to start a company and the challenge is to reach to customers and increase adoption. For a long time, marketing took care of increasing awareness and sales took care of closing the pipeline to paid customers. However, this is quite an expensive process for many companies.

Product Led Growth (PLG) is a paradigm shift in many modern companies where every organization, including engineering, customer success, marketing and sales, focuses on the product impact on the customer. Everyone focuses on building right product for the right customer segment and provide constant value.

Product is the means to acquire, activate, and retain customers. This is not to say that everyone becomes Product Managers in the organization but everyone thinks about how to give “keys” to the customer and let them experience the product and bring in more customers into the platform to collaborate. Product Led Growth helps customers to move from one plan to another plan and lets the customer decide it very easily without sales or customer success intervention.

If you are using products like Slack, Atlassian, Zoom, Google Drive, Hubspot, Zendesk and Basecamp, you are already experiencing the companies using Product Led Growth.

At Product10x, a startup co-creator, we fully understand the value of Product Led Growth and help startups to build products with PLG mindset thus resulting in shorter sales cycles, decreasing customer acquisition costs, and increasing the ROI per employee.   

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