What’s your Startup Mojo?

Startup Mojo is a compass for your startup. It provides a 360 degree evaluation of vision, strategy, marketing, sales, revenue and fundraise ready aspects of your startup.


Your SaaS Startup and Your Mojo

Why use Startup Mojo

Startup journey is super stressful for founders who are working on million things a day. All founders want to be successful and they just need directional help on the focus. 
Startup Mojo removes any objectivity that an advisor or mentor may provide to startups. The Startup Mojo is designed with around 5 years of accelerator experience and working with 120+ startups in the Enterprise SaaS and Deeptech area. 
What will Startup Mojo AnalyzeStartup Mojo will ask series of startup-evaluation questions in the areas of Problem, Opportunity, Market Sizing, Business Model, Product, Go to Market, Sales and Fundraise Ready.  

Startup Mojo Outcomes

Founders will understand the areas of strengths and areas of focus. Sometimes it's merely the aspect of realizing what to focus on rather than not knowing what's next. 
After successful submission, a PDF report will be sent to your email address and will contain everything you need to understand to take your startup further. 

How to get started?

  • Simply log into https://mojo.product10x.com/register
  • You will get a magic link for your company. Fill in the data at once or you can fill it in whenever you have time. 
  • Submit the data and receive the Mojo report.