Why we advise Cense.ai?

Cense AI provides a Conversational AI solution that can help businesses to improve customer service, automate conversations and customer interactions to provide proper round-the-clock support.


Secret Sauce

Cense.ai is a conversational AI solution that delivers conversational AI by combining technology components such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intent Recognition, Entity Recognition, Machine Learning, Contextual awareness, and Fulfillment. With supporting elements such as reporting, monitoring capabilities, Cense.ai can take a lot of the heavy lifting of building, training, deployment conversational agents to target scenarios such as Retail, Healthcare, etc. In addition to those features, Cense.ai comes pre-trained with the ability to answer more than 1000 standard user questions in Retail and Healthcare.

What’s the opportunity?

Companies invest in technology to improve customer experience in large retailers to get comprehensive insights and make informed decisions to target the right audience. In contrast, many small businesses struggle with customer engagement and customer experience and cannot afford robust support mechanisms with call centers. Automating customer interactions on the website and the popular messaging channels will be a game-changer advantage for small businesses. Cense.ai is a conversational AI solution, and the real opportunity presented by Cense.ai to business owners is to provide differentiated experiences to build on loyalty with their customers. Every interaction provides an opportunity to understand the customer and create focused and context-sensitive solutions to increase lead conversions. Cense.ai can help business owners understand the customer intents and also assist fulfill unmet needs to generate active leads, drive sales growth and sustain customer loyalty. There are challenges; conversational AI was accelerating in 2020, the market valued at $17.17 billion, and the market projected to reach $102.29 billion by 2026. There was also a 67% increase in conversational AI usage between 2018 and 2020.

Plan and reach

Cense.ai for Retail: Cense.ai can help Online Ecommerce Store Owners in Capturing Leads and Provide Excellent Customer Support on your eCommerce Store using Conversational AI. Cense Conversational Assistant can assist store owners in capturing leads, product search, and comparison for the end-user, enticing them for purchase by pushing promotional offers. In addition, Cense Conversational assistant can increase sales by up-selling & cross-selling, integrating with popular commerce frameworks like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BIGCOMMERCE, Opencart, PrestaShop, and custom made applications. Cense Assistants can integrate with messaging services like Telegram, FB Messenger and Instagram to respond to your customer queries when you are busy doing something else.

Cense.ai for Healthcare: Cense.ai can help Healthcare Service Providers reduce No Shows, Improve Revenue Stream, Productivity of Staff using Conversational AI. Cense Conversational Assistant will assist you in capturing leads, easy means of appointment scheduling, re-scheduling & cancellation, and getting referrals at every opportunity.

What’s next

Small business owners are the heart and soul of the world, they are the engine that drives the world economy, and since Cense.ai is a conversational AI solution, it is a great time to be in the Conversational AI market expected to grow leaps and bounds next five years. The strong indications from our early pilots show some significant momentum building for the Go-to-market strategy. The opportunity is only as good as the execution; Cense.ai is well on its way to execute on the dreams of millions of small businesses to increase their customer engagement and experience.

Why Product10x

For Amit Goankar, Founder of CenseAI, a deep technologist applying AI technology to solve practical problems, is at the core of his mission. Amit knows how to build the technology product and for CenseAI in its early stages of the startup lifecycle, he realized that an outside-in approach is needed. CenseAI entered the Product10x Disrupt program on one fundamental need, to scale the right way. For Amit, Product10x brings the right mix of expertise to take CenseAI on a complete product-led journey. The opportunity for CenseAI is to change the way small businesses think of Customer engagement and experience with easy to deploy, easy-to-use Conversational AI that can bring real value to their day-to-day business operations.

About the Author: Suresh Madhuvarsu is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the Managing Partner of Product10x Accelerator, a SaaS accelerator that helps founders build and launch successful startups. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Salestable, a purpose-built sales readiness platform for SMBs.

Suresh has over 20 years of experience in the technology/SaaS industry. He is a 4x founder with 2 exits. He is also an active angel investor and mentor to early-stage startups. Suresh is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. He believes that technology can be used to solve real-world problems and improve people's lives.

About Product10x: Product10x is a SaaS accelerator that helps founders build and launch successful startups. The accelerator is run by experienced operating partners who have "been there and done that." Product10x provides founders with mentorship, advisory, and access to a network of investors and partners. The accelerator focuses on Product Led Growth (PLG), Sales readiness, and Fundraise readiness, helping founders all the way from product to go-to-market.