What’s your go to market strategy?


Go To Market Strategy in Co-Creating SaaS Startups

Go To Market (GTM) strategy SaaS is the way for your company to bring a product or a solution to the market. GTM includes defining the business plan, target audience, marketing plan, sales and pricing strategy for startups.

In the industry, Go To Market is the most confusing and often mis-represented strategy. For many this simply gets equated with marketing strategy. For the success of the product, it is critical to have a GTM that looks at how customer derives the product value and thus providing the ability for the company to monetize.

As a process of defining or optimizing the GTM, we would…

  • Identify and define the right customer segments with personas and their problems.
  • Define the user pain points and map the feature value.
  • Define and document the buyer journey – understand the buyers, users, influencers.
  • Align the value created to the customer with the right pricing strategy for startups.
  • Pick a sales strategy for the specific customer segment – inside sales, field sales, self-service or partner models
  • Create the awareness, interest and bring customers and users to play with the product.

As you would realize, Go To Market is not a one time exercise but is a continuous process of aligning the product, price, sales, marketing, customers, and solutions.