What’s your M&A strategy?

This is the world of hyper-growth and consolidation.


Merger and Acquisition Strategy in SaaS Startup Co-Creation

If you are considering making a transaction that involves buying, selling or merger of companies, we are here to partner with you. We help you in the complete life-cycle of the transaction: staging – valuation – negotiation – closing.

“With M&A product advisory, It’s not much about providing the advice but it is about presenting facts about the company and products.”
Buy-side product due diligence:
  • We provide you the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the product capabilities, usage, user reviews to provide you with a competitive advantage in your deal process.
  • A transaction has to make sense financially and strategically for both the parties. Our independent research looks at both opportunities and Risks in a transaction. We provide reports with market opportunity, customer segments, profitability mix and others. While risk assessments will include sales performance, churn rate and sensitivity analysis.
  • In-depth analysis of the product line, technology stack and complete eco-system of the partners in the play. This helps you to better understand how to navigate the complex technology products and access the value of the assets you are considering.
Sell-side product due diligence :
  • You may have great products but showcasing them to be great assets is a skill. We help you analyze the markets, customers and help you drive the product valuation.
  • Product Strategy and Sales Performance sounds great internally but need a different tone when looking to stage the company and products. We will partner with you to understand and strategize the go-to-market SaaS strategy.
  • We understand the power of story-telling and products. We will help you to increase traffic with the right messaging and marketing.