Train your startup team on product building

Product10x provides the best of the industry insights, product management knowledge through in-person, in-depth and interactive training workshops.


Product Building in SaaS Startups

We offer training across the US with a out-of-the-box or tailored curriculum to meet your organizational needs. We fundamentally believe that anyone running a startup should understand the product building process to gear up for success, and understand the fundamentals of Product Management.

Whether you are a startup scaling for next unicorn, or a mid-size company looking for expansion, we are here to help your product organization to.

  • Understand the fundamentals of Product Management.
  • Appreciate the full-product development lifecycle process.
  • Prioritize the features help retain customers and bring
    new customers
  • Realize and start measuring the key metrics for your business
  • Market and monetize the innovation with your

Our approach is to train product managers by industry leading practitioners and at Product10x we have 60 years of combined product development and management experience. Some benefits of product development include: growing your market share and revenue, and differentiating yourself from competitors. By providing you with management experience, Product10x can help your startup develop and execute a successful marketing strategy, and also help manage your finances effectively to raise capital. Marketing experience can also help you streamline your operations, improving efficiency, and help you attract and retain the top talent for your startup.

The in-class exercises, experiences, insights and examples that practitioners bring is our uniqueness and your key to our success.

Who should attend these trainings :

  • Current Product Managers or Product Owners
  • People who want to become a Product Manager

Contact us at Product10x to learn more about these trainings covering product building in your SaaS startup.

About the Author: Suresh Madhuvarsu is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the Managing Partner of Product10x Accelerator, a SaaS accelerator that helps founders build and launch successful startups. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Salestable, a purpose-built sales readiness platform for SMBs.

Suresh has over 20 years of experience in the technology/SaaS industry. He is a 4x founder with 2 exits. He is also an active angel investor and mentor to early-stage startups. Suresh is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. He believes that technology can be used to solve real-world problems and improve people's lives.

About Product10x: Product10x is a SaaS accelerator that helps founders build and launch successful startups. The accelerator is run by experienced operating partners who have "been there and done that." Product10x provides founders with mentorship, advisory, and access to a network of investors and partners. The accelerator focuses on Product Led Growth (PLG), Sales readiness, and Fundraise readiness, helping founders all the way from product to go-to-market.