Product Optimization is necessary for your startup

Product Management is the most important strategic org in a company that works towards providing value to the customers.


Optimizing SaaS Product in Your Startup

Product Managers, Engineering and Customer Success teams should work in synergy to provide a great solution experience for the customers and users. This often ensures that your company doesn’t waste money developing, marketing and selling products that don’t meet customer needs.

In the end, every customer and user is looking for the help in their business process optimization and your product should help them achieve that.

Time to time when you review your product roadmaps, prioritization, deliveries, customer service requests, and see below symptoms, you should talk to us.

  • You have a short-term roadmap but struggling to have a long term vision
  • Engineering team is changing the designs multiple times and struggling to deliver
  • Engineering makes product decisions and PMs are made aware at a later time
  • Release deadlines are met and the customer is unhappy with product quality
  • Sales process is too long (6-12months) and sales is blaming the product
  • Current customers are very happy but not able to get new customers
  • Customer Success team is not able to cope with customer SRs