What’s our promise to the startups as a startup cocreator?


In continuation to our "Founders' View" series, this time our Community Director Niraj Mulani is joined by our another Co-founder - Jogi Daita, who also leads the startup onboarding for Product10x. Jogi talks about our promise to any startup that is considering working with us. He also sheds light on the processes we have developed that ensure that we're bringing tremendous value to the startup founders and turning their startup creation journey into a rewarding and successful experience.

Niraj: I'd like to bring Jogi in here as somebody who leads our sales and onboarding of startups what sort of promise are we making to the startups? You know, that really helps us convert them into a partner with us, convince them to, you know, take on this startup co-creation journey with us. 

Jogi: First thing is good morning Niraj. And it's a pleasure to join this conversation this morning. And it's been an absolute passion and vision at our end, over the past few years to lead Product10x to a place where we strongly have been an amazing contributor to the startups that we continue to bring into our portfolio, or continue to partner with.

And to answer your question in terms of what kind of promise to the startups. As Suresh was just articulating in terms of our core mission has always been working with the SaaS startups by bringing in the product-led growth strategy and also the PMF, which is the product-market fit, which is, how we lead so far in a co-creation model.

And that's been our promise for them to know we are not cohort-based, but we are primarily working with the startups on a case-by-case basis on an individual basis is a very powerful message because they all go through different accelerators, which are three months, six weeks, two months or six months.

It could be varied all over the place, but on our end, it's a commitment that we are involved in their journey throughout. So that's the first thing I want to kind of address. The most important thing is also where we all come with relevant experience, bringing each of our core competencies, which are relevant to a certain startup, whether in the product technology market or the entrepreneurial, or in terms of what the overall strategy is to scale a company. Those are the other attributes that we bring.

And specifically, we work as an extended team with the co-founders at the leadership level. And again, we would be able to advise them on various aspects of the company building or whether it is the product building or the technologies. And it's been an extremely rewarding experience for us working with them and a lot of learning along the way.

And we continue to find a great value and we have found the companies which are, we have over 10 companies in the portfolio at this time. And it's been a great partnership story for us so far. 


Niraj: When you see that we are their extended executive team, what sort of responsibilities would the Product10x team be taking on versus the actual startups' executive team?

Jogi: Great question. What we found is, I mean, this was something that we kind of defined in our processes at our end, there is a founder responsibility and there is a Product10x responsibility, something that we clearly putting up processes or in terms of our communications as well. The key thing is as a product founder or a platform founder. He has to handle multiple areas. I mean, there is obviously the product strategy that is marketing there's technology or the partnering. There are multiple responsibilities. And, what we do from Product10x is led by a senior partner. Are addressing those specific areas. We can't obviously solve all the problems, but the problems that we feel can truly enhance his story as Suresh was sharing, how do we get him sales-ready, marketing radio, or fundraiser, ready of focusing on those pillars and the journey where we are. Primarily partnering with them working alongside them, knowing that they are we are governed by weekly KPIs or bi-weekly cadences or monthly meetings that we do bring in the entire team together is rewarding for us and for the founder as well.


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