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Digital Health needs AI.

One of the major focus areas of future digital health investments is the effective deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Across the spectrum, healthcare leaders have been prioritizing investments in artificial intelligence, and they plan to increase that over the next three years.


The goal is to have artificial intelligence support many aspects, including clinical decision making, and help predict clinical outcomes. Healthcare providers and payers have been on a mission to move towards value-based care. With this new value-based care model, instead of patient volume treated, the intent is to improve health outcomes for patients. 

The World Economic Forum released a study that shows senior healthcare leaders from 14 countries have highlighted the critical need for being prepared for future healthcare crises as an essential priority. In a way, the pandemic has shifted our view of the world to be more amenable to Digital services in healthcare. The study also indicates that two-thirds of the healthcare providers across 14 global markets are now investing deeply into expanding Digital healthcare services. The most important highlight of all would be that by 2023 nearly two-thirds of patients will have accessed healthcare via at least one form of Digital front-end services.

Why does Digital Health need AI? Absolutely! To predict clinical outcomes and assist with clinical decision-making. Will achieve the shift to value-based healthcare through high levels of automation combined with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Talent shortage across healthcare is one of the most significant contributors to Healthcare issues, combined with the lack of technical understanding among healthcare staff multiplies the problems. Using micro-learning management solutions within healthcare using machine learning and artificial intelligence presents a massive opportunity to healthcare institutions.

AI will play a pivotal role in healthcare, with advancing technology at an increasing rate. Accurate diagnosis in early disease detection targeted personalized medicine with advanced treatment planning,  

Quality control with digital solutions to gather, analyze and provide predictive and prescriptive recommendations to physicians, clinicians, and patients.

With the advancements in improved screening protocols, clinical decision support on issues to accurately identify patients to appropriate image scans using AI-powered matching algorithms will ease healthcare costs and improve access to better quality healthcare. 

In addition to the miracle of science-based medicine, today and the future, Digital health has taken its place and needs AI to drive better healthcare outcomes. It is an exciting time for Digital Health startups to thrive with investments, attention, and adoption accelerating across the spectrum of healthcare worldwide. Digital health needs AI, Digital health startups have a massive opportunity over the next 12-24 months, and AI adoption is accelerating at a fantastic pace. Suppose you are a startup founder searching for growth partners to complement their team to address Innovation Strategy, Product Strategy, AI/ML-powered Technology Strategy, Pricing Analysis, and Technology Strategy. In that case, Product10x has three Product acceleration programs that might be right for you.