AIOps to the rescue?


Accelerating Your AI Operations in SaaS Models

Enterprises across the spectrum have acknowledged with resounding affirmation that IT is not a supporting function. IT has become and will be critical to their competitive advantage. Companies that have adopted remote work have made a fundamental change - powered by the IT adoption of a cloud-first strategy. Although the pandemic has compressed years' worth of transformation into a few months for some enterprises, change is constant. Software and Cloud-first companies have reset the way. Enterprises think about their business models into the future. Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) consumed by Enterprises touched a $150B run rate in 2020, with the total public cloud market would cross $2 trillion in 2021. With this rapid transformation, Enterprises are facing another challenge, people. There is a talent shortage that continues to impede the acceleration of change. Enterprises are leaning towards an automation-first approach to execute their cloud-first strategy to address the talent shortage. Unfortunately, the Automation-first process presents few opportunities with IT and Cloud computing. AIOps to the rescue! 

AIOps is the paradigm that combines Artificial Intelligence in Operations to automate the IT operations to address the growing need for scaling resources and the use of Cloud technology. AIOps uses data, analytics, machine learning, and AI to detect, automatically mitigate issues in near-real time to provide a high level of observability, visibility, and risk mitigation in IT operations. AIOps can help with a wide range of use cases to help IT teams help understand risk and mitigate risk proactively using machine learning and automation. Enterprises can now lean on this technology to support their growth aspirations where hiring tech talent can't come fast enough, and the right kind of talent is also imperative to scale the right way.

The ability to be aware of the complete picture and leverage the large amounts of data generated to learn and adjust to different kinds of operational problems constantly is the key benefit of AIOps. The amount of data generated from Cloud infrastructure, applications, devices is multiplying exponentially and not expected to slow down anytime in the future. Therefore, it has become challenging to comb through that data to find patterns or issues to address without high automation and machine learning levels. AIOps is where several startups have taken the challenge to solve for Enterprise using a SaaS delivery model. As a result, AIOps startups have a massive opportunity to deliver Enterprise business impact and competitive advantage. AIOps startups are looking to address some new ways of proactively addressing the operational issues using specialized machine learning algorithms that eliminate a massive chunk of time-consuming manual work for IT organizations. Robotic Process Automation, Anomaly detection, Predictive remediation are some of the areas that AIOps startups address. 

We, at Product10x, believe that the Future of IT operations is to realize the digital operations management platform powered by AIOps that helps Enterprises transform to become future category leaders within their space. Suppose you are a startup founder searching for growth partners to complement their team to address Innovation Strategy, Product Strategy, AI/ML-powered Technology Strategy, Pricing Analysis, and Technology Strategy. In that case, Product10x has three Product acceleration programs that might be right for you.